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Publication Date: 2010


Maria’s Kitchen: The Foodprint of My Life Cookbook by Maria Wyshak is an international blend of cuisines with a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean focus. This wonderful cookbook was written by Maria Wyshak, the mother of CALMING KIDS Director Dee Marie, after years of cooking for her family and accumulating recipes. CALMING KIDS- Creating a Non-Violent World is a NON-PROFIT organization, that trains educational professionals, health care providers and yoga instructors how to teach a program for children designed to decrease violence and increase concentration as part of a school curriculum. CALMING KIDS utilizes breathing techniques, yoga poses, stress management skills and conflict resolution strategies resulting in Bullying Prevention. Visit the CALMING KIDS website for more information. All proceeds benefit the Calming Kids organization.
Maria’s Kitchen “The Foodprint of my Life” is a MUST HAVE cookbook for anyone who will ever try to impress guests, in-laws, out-laws, family, or general friends and business associates. The recipes in this book have been fine tuned over many years. The food you’ll prepare is guaranteed to delight all it’s devourers. Not only will you find old world Syrian & Greek dishes, but many of the delicacies that will excite you were collected from close friends who’ve cherished their favorites but shared them with Maria, the hostess extraordinaire.

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I have been blessed with a Greek father, an Irish mother, a Syrian husband and I grew up in Boston with many friends of European and Mediterranean descent. All of this has had a “flavorable” influence on the meals I prepared over the years.

To me the word food brings about many emotions. Food is love, food is passion, food is romance. Food is a gathering and a form of communication. To break bread with family and friends is the ultimate way to celebrate life. This philosophy prompted my grandchildren to ask for the recipes of the meals they have enjoyed at my table for as long as they could remember.

I now realize that all these recipes are actually the foodprint of my life. When people share their recipes, it is like having a piece of them to always cherish. As a legacy to my family I have put together this compendium of their favorites.


Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars This is no Ordinary Cookbook July 30, 2012
In my kitchen cabinet, I have over a dozen cookbooks. Any cook knows you should have a variety because you won’t find everything you need from one source.This book will give you the ability to blow people away with some ‘indescribable’ recipes and delicacies they usually can’t believe. This book is especially good at impressing your guests. Here’s why: The book is a conglomeration of recipes from closely guarded sources.It has a particular focus on good Syrian and Greek Cooking. Maria, an American Greek, by marrying into a Syrian family, was able to experience the best of the best and therefore kept a recipe box of her own in the kitchen, beside having over a dozen cookbooks in her collection.The book is broken down into Breakfast, Appetizers & Hors D’oevres, Breads, Soups Salads & Veggies, Entrees, Desserts, Frostings Sauces & Jams.

Planly stated, it’s a MUST HAVE for any cook who needs to be sure their family and friends will be delighted by what is being served.

Awesome Syrian and Greek Cooking Maria’s Kitchen: The Foodprint of My Life American, Italian an Irish delicacies as well.

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