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Publication Date: October 29, 2010



“Fans of Janet Evanovich will love this spin off of the High Heels Mysteries!” – Jen. B, avid reader

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Gemma Halliday…

Tina Bender is the gossip columnist at the infamous L.A. Informer tabloid. She knows everything about everyone who’s anyone. And she’s not afraid to print it. That is, until she receives a threatening note, promising, “If you don’t stop writing about me, you’re dead.” Now her managing editor, Felix Dunn (from the High Heels Mysteries), has her teaming with a built bodyguard, a bubbly blonde, and an alcoholic obituary writer to uncover just which juicy piece of Hollywood gossip is worth killing over.



“This first book in Halliday’s new Hollywood Headlines series is a fun story with intriguing characters and a good mystery. The action is fast paced, the hero is delightful and the heroine is spunky and independent but smart enough to know when she needs help.”
– Romantic Times


“(HOLLYWOOD SCANDALS) is fresh, funny, and has just enough heart to balance the snark.”
– All About Romance

“Gemma Halliday’s witty, entertaining writing style shines through in her new book! I look forward to seeing lots more of Tina as this series continues. A fun read!”
– Fresh Fiction

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4.0 out of 5 stars Lots of fun! February 17, 2010
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This book is fun– plain and simple. It has funny, quirky characters (I just love the aunts!) that make you laugh. It’s a quick and easy read. I generally reserve 5 stars for truly fantastic books (so I don’t give them often), so 4 stars to me is still a very, very good read. I definitely recommend it. I think I read somewhere that this is going to be part of a series. If so, I am very much looking forward to the next installment.Warning to Kindle users, however. It seems that the editing on the Kindle version fell through the cracks, so to speak, about 80% or 90% of the way through the book. All of a sudden all of the quotation marks disappear! It made the last part of the book a bit of a challenge to read. :-)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Humorous, slightly outrageous and playful October 26, 2009
By D. Merrimon Crawford TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE™ VOICE
Format:Mass Market Paperback
Hollywood gossip columnist Tina Bender has the scoop on all the latest celebrities. She has no hesitation whatsoever to print the latest news — no matter how scandalous and she has even been known to bend the truth a little in the name of a story. When Tina receives an anonymous threat, her whole world is upturned especially when it comes to the sexy bodyguard, Calvin Dean, that her boss hires to keep her safe. How can she do her job with him shadowing her? But as the threats become more deadly, his presence might be exactly what she needs and in more ways than one. Until now, Tina’s lacks any real connection to those around her. Her love life is confined to a internet friendship with ManInBlack72 and she lives in a retirement home with her Aunt Sue. As the danger mounts, so does the heat between this gossip columnist and bodyguard. Together, they will have to sift through all the stories she has printed and discover just who might be willing to commit murder.Gemma Halliday’s sassy new Hollywood Headlines series in SCANDAL SHEET starts off with a bang. Humorous, slightly outrageous and playful, this mystery romance also touches the heart in moments amid the fast-paced race to catch the culprit. A crazy set of Hollywood characters make up the suspect list, characters just as wild as the stories Tina creates from even the slightest innuendo. Tina may ride a hot pink Honda Rebel motorcycle complete with yellow flames, but beneath the tough exterior she wears on the job, her life lacks the kind of intimacy and indeed non-virtual friendship a woman needs. Sexy, protective and yet willing listen, Cal is just the man for this independent, sassy tabloid reporter. Gemma Halliday creates a wonderful mixture of romance and mystery as Tina digs even deeper into world behind the celebrities. Delightful romantic twists and a clever mystery puzzle make SCANDAL SHEET a light romantic mystery full of smiles, laughter and perfectly placed heart-warming moments amid the humorous, zany Hollywold tabloid world. SCANDAL SHEET is reading entertainment at its best.COURTESY OF BOOK ILLUMINATIONS
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5.0 out of 5 stars Funny, witty and clever romance November 20, 2009
Format:Mass Market Paperback
The first book in the new Hollywood Headlines Mystery – Series by Gemma Halliday is funny, great and a joy to read.Tina Bender’s job is to find out all the dirty little secrets nobody wants to share. She is working as a gossip columnist at the infamous L.A. Informer tabloid and loves her job.
But when she starts to receive threatening notes that announce her death, her boss Felix Dunn thinks it’s time to team her up with hunky bodyguard Calvin Dean. Tina and the sexy bodyguard are attracted to each other from the beginnig and when the threats become more serious Tina is glad to have Calvin on her side.
But even Calvin can’t stop her from digging for the truth about who is willing to kill because of some Hollywood gossip.”Scandal Sheet” made me laugh a lot and I’m already excited to see how the series goes on. Tina and Calvin are great characters but I also enjoyed reading about Tina’s friends and colleagues.
Tina is a hilarious heroine, very witty and clever and you have to love her even though I’m normally not a fan of gossip. Calvin is more of a strong and quiet type but with a good sense of humour. Together they make a great couple and I guess he will have his hands full with Tina and her actions in the future.
It was also nice to meet some of the characters from the High Heel Mysteries- series again. It’s not clear where the relationship between Allie and Felix stands so that’s another thing I want to know from the next books in the series. I loved Tina’s reaction to Allie and how she doesn’t know that Allie and Felix share some past.”Scandal Sheet” is just the right book to relax after a stressful day and I will definitely read the next book in the series called “The perfect Shot” (coming fall 2010) with Cameron Dakota, L.A. Informer’s photographer, in the leading role

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